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The DevOps Handbook

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The DevOps Handbook is in many ways the seminal book that has helped to launch the entire world of DevOps and DevSecOps. It wasn't the first book written on the topic, but it is certainly one of the most popular and often cited.

This book provides a very thorough explanation about the problems with the old way of working where development teams would create items which another operations team would have to deploy. These issues also are visible in teams outside of software development. He then describes how the concept of DevOps can help.

By having the value creators work directly with the people running it in production, many inefficiencies can be avoided. Automation around testing, deployment, validation, and scanning are included as well as many tools and methodologies to make this work well.


I should point out, if you plan to read the Unicorn Project and the Phoenix Project, you likely don't need to read this book. There is a 60%-70% overlap in the material in this book and those two books when combined.

For most people, I think you'll get more out of reading the Phoenix Project and the Unicorn Project together than this book. As a reference tool, however, this book stands alone.

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