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The Phoenix Project

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I'm reluctant to even include my review on this book. It's so ubiqitous in the IT world that it's almost a cliche to to even mention it. For completeness, I'm including it here, but I'm not sure it's worth the time to read my review. Just read the book.

This was another great book in the series by Gene Kim and team. In this installment, they explore the transformation of the primary website for a large auto parts manufacturer/retailer (think AutoZone). Their IT system is outdated, their website fails to attract new visitors, and they can't offer the modern services their competitors do.

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The book centers on the interactions between the C-Suite, IT management, and a small team dedicated to solving these problems. It's insightful to witness the challenges they face, as they often resonate with those at Rolls-Royce. The authors draw on their extensive IT consulting experience to create a fictional company with very real problems.

This is a great book, landing on the DoD's reading shortlist for the powerful ideas it presents.

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