Josh Haines

DevSecOps Strategy Lead

Josh Haines is an Enterprise DevSecOps Specialist and Senior Materials Engineer with 15 years of experience solving problems in complex industries. He is a Lilly Scholar who worked for Honeywell Aerospace and Johns Manville before rejoining Rolls-Royce ten years after an internship. In 2020, he transitioned to a full-time role in the Digital Transformation team. This completes a gradual pivot from creating digital tools to help with engineering work, to starting and running a Software Factory at Rolls-Royce, to a full career in “digital and data.”

As a three-time small business owner and recovering serial hobbyist, he loves to learn new skills and is passionate about lifelong learning. He incorporates his self-taught abilities as a developer, skills coach, and DevSecOps enthusiast into projects both professional and charitable.

Josh lives with his wife Chris and daughters Jenny and Nora. He holds a BS and MS from Purdue University in Materials Engineering.