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Making Work Visibile

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Making work visible is a book about exactly what the title suggests. The author does a simply wonderful job of explaining various ways to take the nuances of work and make them visible through various types of tools. Throughout the process, you come to learn and value all the benefits of making your work visible.

At its core, this book really speaks to gathering meaningful and useful data and visualizing that data in ways which help you to understand how to improve. It's not a complicated book, but it's a topic which many people in many types of organizations can benefit from. In our part of the world, the Dora Metrics seems to be the most prevalent and meaningful, but various other metrics found in the world of web application and cloud observability circles are also powerful.

For teams and leaders trying to improve the work, this book can be immensely useful. I plan to revisit this book once we're further along in our journey to see what new ideas I can implement.

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