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Linchpin, at its core, is a book about how to become indispensable in your job. The author draws parallels between "factory workers" (not meant in a derogatory way) and "linchpins." This book describes how to grow yourself into a linchpin.

A linchpin is a person who doesn't need a rule book and is valuable to the business and other people because what they're doing is what they love to do. In this context, Godwin describes what a linchpin does as art. This work becomes art in the sense that you can't write rules for how to create art. But an artist can create art and other people can recognize it for what it is.

He goes into detail about the characteristics that Linchpins have. He describes how you can become a linchpin in your company, and provides many stories about people who became linchpins in their organizations.

This book provides a different mental model of how you should think about your role and how to enjoy your work more and become more invaluable to those around you. Overall, it is a good short book that I enjoyed.


I wrote this review a while ago. At the time I didn't feel like this concept was that important. Migrating this to my website 2 years later I realize this was a bit of a mind virus that has impacted the way I think of myself in my current organization. I appreciate this book more now than I did then. I'm moving it up my list of books

~ Josh (May 2024)

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