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Fear of Missing Out

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This book was recommended by William Belcher after he read it and found it really great. I also really liked this book. It took a couple concepts that many of us experience at different points in our lives and gave them terminology and explanations. Books like that are some of the best.

In the book, they discuss FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) which is that feeling you can get when you look at other people's perfect lives on social media. This can lead to internal unhappiness, depression, etc.

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He also discusses FOBO (Fear of a Better Option). This had a direct connection to some of the problems we're experiencing within out company. At times, our leadership seems stuck at an intersection. They're afraid to make a choice because it could be wrong. Instead, we maintain optionality and in the process stand still and don't move. We see this throughout many of the IT & Digital organizations. We have a lot of options, but we don't have a clear path forward. This can manifest via FOTA (Fear of Taking Action). I recommend the book if for no other reason than to provide you a set of words and ideas which will allow you to recognize these feelings and situations better in your own personal and professional life.

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