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The Dip

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This is a nice short book with one core concept:

Winners will quit many things and stick only with progressing with winning endeavors.

People often fear that quitting hobbies or projects will look poorly on them, but Seth's point is by focusing only on the winners, you'll be far more successful, and people won't remember the thing that you quit. It's not a bad concept and was worth the short read.

This book reminds me of two other books on the book shelf:

  • Range by David Epstein, and
  • Quit by Annie Duke

Both of these books discuss the idea of quitting and how it can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. I think the concept of quitting is often overlooked in our society, and it's nice to see books that discuss it in a positive light. This book by Seth is shorter than either and most directly aligns to Annie's book. But it certainly has points similar to Range in the way it describes quitting as a solid way to get to what you'll truly excel at.

If you're interested in this idea, you can use this to pad out the ideas from the other two books. I would recommend this in third place as far as reading order though.

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