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The Digital Mindset

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I would recommend skipping this book. I was recommended this book from a few people in the DoD because they were reviewing it at high levels. I found it to be overly simplistic and not very helpful.

Two points that stood out to me were:

  1. They spent a lot of time on how to use modern collaboration tools to spy on your employees. They describe how metadata, even if you don't want to actually read their messages, if fully sufficient to track and understand the conversations and work and determine if employees are doing inappropriate things or wasting time. This section felt very "big brother" and I didn't like it.
  2. The last half or third of the book was a giant sales pitch for distributed ledger technologies (blockchain). They describe how it will revolutionize everything and how it will be the future of everything. I found this to be a bit over the top and not very helpful.
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