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Book Club


In order of Most Useful to Least Useful

  1. A Seat at the Table (Mark Schwartz)
  2. Ask Your Developer (Jeff Lawson)
  3. Sooner Safer Happier (Jonathan Smart)
  4. The Delicate Art of Bureaucracy (Mark Schwartz)
  5. Project to Product (Mik Kersten)
  6. The Phoenix Project (Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford)
  7. The Unicorn Project (Gene Kim)
  8. Working Backwards (Colin Bryar, Bill Carr)
  9. Multipliers (Liz Wiseman)
  10. Deep Work (Cal Newport)
  11. The Art of Business Value (Mark Schwartz)
  12. Wiring the Winning Organization (Gene Kim, Steven Spear)
  13. The Value Flywheel Effect (David Anderson)
  14. Quit (Annie Duke)
  15. Range (David Epstein)